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These process notes help me make sense of my inner world as it hurtles through this unmapped time when life as we know it is in peril.  Perhaps these posts will offer others language for an as yet unthought thought, and courage for an unimagined action. By sharing this blog, perhaps, both you, reader, and I, will feel less alone.

All of the people I write about have been given an initial for their first name, which is not, in real life, their real first name! You will see that sometimes I write about an interaction with one of my psychotherapy patients which is particularly moving and has granted me more insight into myself and the complexity of this time. Be assured that before any of that writing is published, I have shown them the piece and gotten permission to share it.

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What is it like to arrive at the far side of 3/4 of a century and awaken to the idea that both habitable life and democracy are threatened with extinction? This will be a record of my attempt to process these great disturbances with courage and love.


Kathleen Sullivan

Covid Diary: Process Notes of a Plague