Amen! Listen again to Justin: “So, will hydrogen or carbon capture save us? Not on their own. They are one of the many tools we have available now to eliminate the majority of our carbon emissions. What will save us is if we rapidly deploy those tools in smart ways while ramping down the oil and gas industry.” Many tools! No salvation in one; no resting on our laurels but no poopoo-ing of investing in green hydrogen or carbon capture, whether planting trees or raising kelp. Fighting the rapacious banks and fossil fuel industry and preaching: “Convert.” Dear Kathleen, death will always be present at breakfast. That’s the nature of life, all wedded with death, like Yin and Yang. But we have the power to choose life and love while we live, and not give up! Keep sounding the Red Alert!

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Kathleen, your writing always goes right to my heart and soul. I am hoping that it has the same effect on enough people and reaches at least some decision makers in large companies to consider immediate action.

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James Taylor said my feelings in his song, Gaia:

Pray for the forest pray for the tree,

Pray for the fish in the deep blue sea.

Pray for yourself and for God's sake,

Say one for me, poor wretched unbeliever.

Someone's got to stop us now,

Save us from us Gaia,

No one's gonna stop us now.

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